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Finally getting sorted!

Been a busy day!  I finally reduced the ironing pile considerably, wheels balanced on the car (I didn't do it - garage did!) appointment made at the hairdresser for tomorrow, dog walked twice and started cutting foe a new lightweight linen/wool/silk throw. Recycling bottles etc tomorrow after visiting the bank, I think and my "to do" list for this week will have been seriously reduced!  Fell asleep after tea and now I'm wide awake when I should be going to bed! Only a week of the school holidays left and then it's back to work unfortunately!


At last I've got my domain name back!  I really must spend more time on the sewing machine and less on the computer.  I would really love to be able to give up the day job and just sew all the time! George (my rescue dog - a gorgeous English Pointer)  does not help as he wants lots of attention and will steal ANYTHING edible so he needs lots of watching!  Right now it's bedtime and I need to get back into a routine, trying to sleep at a reasonable time and for a sensible length of time.  I've lost my usual routine after family bereavements and nearly three weeks in Canada on holiday. Goodnight all!
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